Our Pommard comes from three different sites

'Les Vignots'
In the middle of the 15th Century Burgundy vineyards were nearly destroyed by insect infestation. Some thought it was possibly a first attack of phylloxera. Now there are only a small number of vines that are called 'Les Vignots' (little vines)

'Les Cras'
These are the pebble & clay deposits which filled the Saône valley during the ice age. Vines flourish when these 'cras' are covered with topsoil.

'Les Combes Dessous'
The hills are separated by small narrow valleys or hollows called 'combes' in Burgundy. These 'combes' delineate on one side the appellation Volnay and Pommard on the other.


Grape variety
Pinot Noir

Average age of the vines
30 years

Around 15 months in oak barrels

Tasting notes
A wine to lay down with hard tannins in the young wines. It's essential to wait few years so that the aromatic palate takes shape.

Vintage available
2017 and 2018

Technical sheet: 

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