We carry out three selections during the harvest in order to obtain the best grapes possible:

The first – by the grape pickers in the vines after having been given precise instructions.

The second – also in the vines, by a small team from the domaine itself so as to throw out any undesirable bunches.

The third – in the winery, the bunches pass over a vibrating selection table which spreads out the grapes (to see them better) and also to keep the healthiest fruit.


The bunches are de-stemmed (the grapes are separated from the stalks and stems) and lightly crushed.

This light crushing allows the juice to run and to let the natural yeasts present in and on the grapes to start working.

The object of this is to obtain wines which are finer and rounder.

Vinification of red wines

Alcoholic fermentation
This takes place in the fermentation tank over 4-6 days to extract the colour and the fruit aromas of the Pinot Noir. Then with the action of the indigenous yeasts (naturally present in the grapes) the tank warms up and the alcoholic fermentation begins.
We remain really vigilant in following this fermentation to work as precisely as possible.
The extraction is made carefully to respect the finesse of the Pinot Noir.
We have given up the 'pigéage' (the punching down of the solid matter to promote aeration) in favour of 'remontage' (gently pumping the liquid over the solids).
The maceration lasts about 15 days.

We have a pneumatic press which lets us work gently and evenly.

This happens in French oak barrels over a period of 12 months for the Bourgogne Pinot Noir and 18 months for the Village and Premier Cru wines.

Vinification of White wines

Alcoholic fermentation
After pressing the must is put in tanks at 10°C to settle (to separate the solid matter from the juice).
After 48 hours it is racked to obtain the clearest juice.
The alcoholic fermentation starts naturally in the tank at a low temperature (12°C) thanks to the indigenous yeasts. Then this continues in vats for between one and two months.

This is done sparingly according to the vintage: this technique puts the fine 'lees' back in suspension to give richness to the wine.

Part of the alcoholic fermentation as well as the malo-lactic fermentation happens in French oak barrels.
Duration: 12months